I leave it as a note.
I made it move with copy and paste.

It is premised that you pre-configure GCP and Firebase settings.

First package.jsonof all dependencies, copy below.

"dependencies": {
"@google-cloud/storage": "^3.0.3",
"@google-cloud/vision": "^1.1.3",
"firebase-admin": "^7.0.0",
"firebase-functions": "^3.2.0",

After copying, execute the following command

npm install


Cloud Firestore security rules introduce a method that you use almost 100% of the time.

isAuthenticate Whether there is authentication of the user

The first one is this

function isAuthenticate() {
return request.auth != null;

This checks if the requesting user is login authenticated.
Please note that anonymous authentication is also included.

isUserAuthenticate Whether the document under User can be updated

The second is this


We will introduce an implementation that returns the scroll to the top when pressing the common BottomNavigation such as twitter.

The implementation method is easy.

1, to detect ButtomNavigation of the same element
2, to set the
scroll listener 3, to return the scroll to the top via…


普段はエンジニアやってます👨‍💻 自分の資産運用の記録として書いてり、個人でやってるアプリの開発日記として更新したりします🥰

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